Bailey & Company Testimonials

Bailey & Co. Testimonials

The Bailey & Company team provided us with unrivaled advice and worked relentlessly throughout the process to ensure a superior outcome for our practice. Their dedication to our group was unmeasurable, and their industry expertise and professionalism guided our team despite the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic to allow us to secure a tremendous future for our physicians, patients, and community as well. It is with much enthusiasm and without hesitation that we would recommend Bailey to any other physician practices pursuing a similar avenue.

Dr. Kester Crosse, II

President, Digestive Disease Associates

After partnering with Bailey & Company, the team carefully and thoroughly researched our business and finances and created a strong plan to market our practice. The team generated significant interest from the main potential ophthalmology practice management organizations, expertly guided us through meetings with potential partners and the LOI process, and then diligently worked to get us to the closing. I can’t say enough good things about Russell Bryan and his team and wholeheartedly recommend them. I can’t imagine trying to close a transaction like this on my own.

Dr. Bradley

CEO & Owner, Mountain Empire Eye Physicians

Bailey & Company’s industry expertise was a strong fit for working with our company. The support and guidance from Bailey throughout the deal process was instrumental for achieving a successful result. We could not have completed the transaction without the stewardship of the Bailey team.

David Harris

President, Claims Resolution Corporation

We hired Bailey & Company given their leading reputation in our space. Bailey was a trusted partner for us throughout this process – we’d recommend them without reservation to business owners considering a sale.

Michelle Gray

Co-founder & Managing Partner, Focus on Intervention

Bailey & Company did an outstanding job throughout the entirety of the sale process and managed to generate a superior outcome for our employees and shareholders. Bailey’s transaction and market expertise was integral in our efforts to identify the right partner and execute a deal on the best terms. The Bailey team would be a good choice with whom to consider partnering if your organization is considering a liquidity event.

Gerald Yakatan

Chairman, CEO & Founder, IriSys

Bailey & Company was an integral partner as we evaluated strategic options to fuel our next phase of growth. With their extensive healthcare experience, Bailey was able to effectively guide us through the process, identify the right investors, and ultimately close the financing. We are looking forward to partnering with HCAP to continue the strong growth we have achieved thus far and would highly recommend Bailey to other digital health companies that are seeking to do the same.

Ron Wince

Founder & CEO, Myndshft

Bailey & Company was an invaluable partner to our continued mission of uniting key stakeholders within the P&C industry. From the inception of our partnership, Bailey understood our vision and the nuances of the P&C market. They were instrumental throughout the execution of an aligned deal with another industry powerhouse, ensuring the combination as the next step toward achieving our goal of being a vessel for future innovative growth in P&C. I would strongly recommend Bailey for other organizations exploring strategic alternatives for their next phase of growth, especially those with a P&C focus.

Marc Menendez

President & CEO, WorkCompEDI

I wanted a partner to walk with me through the sale of my company, and Bailey & Company’s understanding of my business and deep market expertise allowed them to provide value through every step of the process. With their guidance, I was able to identify and close a deal with the right strategic acquiror that will continue to drive the success and vision of Orchard, its customers, and its employees.

Robin Orchard

President & Owner, Orchard Medical Consulting

The Bailey & Company team utilized their industry expertise and knowledge to provide exceptional support throughout the process. They employed creative techniques to navigate the tumultuous uncertainties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and maintain a sense of normalcy throughout. We give Bailey high accolades and a strong recommendation to any other practice pursuing a similar avenue.

Ken Cole

CEO, Evergreen Eye Center

Bailey & Company provided an exceptional level of support and expertise that helped navigate our team through every step of the transaction process. Having a partner who understood the complexities of the risk adjustment industry was critical as we evaluated strategic alternatives, and the Bailey team clearly fit the bill. Their extensive healthcare technology experience helped us to develop an optimal process strategy and identify the right buyer to maximize shareholder value. I would highly recommend Bailey to any business looking to find the right partner for its next stage of growth.

Robert Dunn

President & CEO, Babel Health

As I considered the opportunity to sell my company, I realized it was important to bring in a trusted advisor with both the industry expertise to understand what differentiates my business and the transaction knowledge to ensure the right steps were taken at every stage of the process. For business owners looking for the peace of mind of having the leading industry advisor on your team, Bailey & Company is the only call you need to make.

Seth Needelman

President & CEO, EVOnational

We are thrilled to partner with SSM to continue the strong growth we have experienced and expand our mission to help more patients pay. With their extensive healthcare experience, Bailey & Company was the ideal advisor to guide us through this process and ultimately close the transaction. Mnet would highly recommend Bailey’s services to any business looking to find the right partner for its next stage of growth.

David Hamilton

CEO, Mnet

Bailey & Company worked with us as our partner to thoroughly evaluate all of our strategic options to fuel our next stage of growth. Their dedication to ensuring a successful outcome was exemplary. We are excited with the completed round and look forward to fully capitalizing on the unique opportunity in front of us.

Jay Ackerman

CEO, Reveleer

We selected Bailey to lead this process because of their reputation in the P&C market. They appreciate the unique opportunity for Data Dimensions to drive automation in data management and were able to find a buyer that truly understands, and that can help guide, the vision of the company.

Jon Boumstein

President & CEO, Data Dimensions

Bailey was instrumental in helping us navigate the transaction, advocating for the best possible outcome at every point during the process. Their knowledge of the IME industry and overall M&A process was invaluable. We felt confident that the Bailey team truly understood our objectives and would expertly represent us in finding the right partner.

Don Kunkel

CEO, AssessMed

Bailey & Company’s knowledge of the workers’ compensation and managed care services industries is unrivaled. Their understanding of the sector trends and opportunities enabled them to efficiently and effectively navigate our options, providing steady counsel and ultimately identifying the ideal home for the company, employees, and customers.

Jim Weir

President, CompAlliance

Given the unique circumstances around our immediate business needs and our rapid growth trajectory, it was essential for our advisor to first help us identify the strategic alternatives that were in front of us. With the guidance of Bailey & Company, we decided to move forward with a smart combination of debt and equity financing. They quickly identified the right partners who would work side-by-side with us to efficiently implement our growth plan. Their guidance led us to Carroll Capital and CIBC, our partners who will enable us to deliver our EVV solution to clients across the country.

Bradley Levine

President & CEO, Tellus

Bailey & Company’s knowledge of the credentialing and healthcare compliance industries is unmatched. They served as steadfast counsel, evaluating potential strategic partners and ultimately leading us to symplr, the right partner who could leverage our robust credentialing software and CVO services to offer a comprehensive regulatory compliance solution for healthcare providers. I would highly recommend Bailey to healthcare technology companies contemplating a sale of their business.

Mike Melville

CEO, IntelliSoft

The Bailey & Company team was consummately professional, knowledgeable, and hard working. Their experience, advice, and execution were invaluable in leading us to an excellent outcome with a high-quality partner supporting our next phase of growth. The team listened well and understood our objectives, demonstrated a strong understanding of our business, and was able to successfully address our various needs, including moving from a debt raise to a recapitalization with an equity partner. We would highly recommend Bailey & Company to any business exploring a partnership or other opportunities.

Paul Stackhouse

Co-Founder & EVP, AMFM Healthcare

Working with the Bailey & Company team made a typically complex process smooth and enjoyable for us. Bailey demonstrated exceptional knowledge of our space and expertly used our unique market position to achieve a value for our business significantly exceeding our expectations. Bailey should unquestionably be your first call when you are beginning to consider selling your business.

Tony Riccardi

President & Chief Visionary Officer, MedSource National Inc.

Bailey & Company not only served as our financial advisor throughout Tellus’ sale to Netsmart, but also acted as a strategic partner for the last two years, providing guidance to shareholders and current information on market trends. We relied on Bailey’s counsel during multiple transactions and highly recommend their services to any healthcare company evaluating strategic alternatives.

Brad Levine

CEO, Tellus

We are grateful for the sound advice we received from Bailey & Company throughout the entire process. Bailey knew our market and provided the necessary industry expertise to introduce us to the best strategic partner for our practice. We would highly recommend Bailey.

Dr. Raoul Joubran

Owner, Gastroenterology Associates

We were pleased to have successfully finalized this transaction, made possible in part by the partnership we have with Bailey & Company. Their expertise allowed us at Sedgwick to help find the right home for these clients and colleagues.

Brian J. Brunett

Managing Director, Sedgwick

We hired Bailey & Company given their leading reputation and deep industry knowledge. Upon completing a thorough evaluation of strategic alternatives, the Bailey team put together a compelling analysis to support a merger that would benefit all stakeholders and then worked tirelessly to ensure a successful outcome. I look forward to working with Bailey in the future.

Charlie Falcone

CEO, Aperture Health

By understanding our unique market position and desired objectives with a transaction, Bailey & Company was able to identify EyeSouth as the right partner to enable us to continue serving the Tennessee market in the best possible manner. They also smoothly navigated all the complexities involved in advising two practices and two ASCs through a simultaneous closing.

Dr. Stewart Galloway

Founder, Cumberland Eye Care

After beginning a dialogue with the Bailey team as we were growing the company, we knew Bailey was the right advisor for us when we decided to consider a sale. Bailey leveraged its industry knowledge to run a targeted process involving the best partners for our company, which has resulted in a great home for our customers and employees. Bailey demonstrated an exceptional level of dedication to ensuring a successful result – we unquestionably would recommend them to business owners considering a sale.

Paul Jessee

Founder & CEO, Choice Legal

Bailey & Company’s combination of expertise in both digital health and employer-focused technology solutions guided their understanding of the unique value proposition of Torchlight that was instrumental in creating a successful transaction. Bailey’s team supported all Torchlight stakeholders throughout the process, resulting in a successful outcome for everyone involved.

Adam Goldberg, M.Ed.

Founder, President & CEO, Torchlight

Bailey & Company is an amazing team that worked relentlessly on our behalf to achieve a superior outcome for our practice. The Bailey team delivered on the expectations set for us early on in our process. We are very thankful for their industry expertise, professionalism, and camaraderie. With their help, we secured the future for our physicians, patients, and community for years to come. We recommend Bailey with highest honors.

Dr. Joel Pearlman

Partner, Retinal Consultants

Bailey & Company took the time to understand my goals for the transaction and worked with speed to orchestrate an expedited process. By leveraging their extensive knowledge of the industry, Bailey identified the significant benefits that Restore Rehabilitation would provide to a potential strategic buyer. After years of building the company, bringing in the right advisor to help lead a sale was extremely important – Bailey was my trusted partner.

Pamela Anthony

President & CEO, Restore Rehabilitation

As a business driven by artificial intelligence, we made it a top priority to find a partner who not only understood the complexities of the healthcare market but also the nuances of our platform. Bailey & Company used their extensive healthcare technology experience to negotiate and close the deal with AGS Health. I would recommend any healthcare technology business owner strongly consider Bailey when they need a partner to walk with them through the sale of their business.

Chetan Parikh

Co-Founder & CEO, ezDI

Bailey & Company’s patience, professionalism, and deep industry knowledge of the behavioral health market helped us achieve an excellent outcome. I would highly recommend the Bailey team to others.

Lee Johnson, PhD

CEO, Casa Palmera

Identifying a buyer for my company was always dependent on what was good for our employees, our customers, and the industry. Bailey leveraged its knowledge of the market to find the right buyer and worked tirelessly to ensure not only that we achieved my goals but that the transaction was a win-win for all stakeholders.

Lisa Hannusch

CEO, UniMed Direct

Bailey & Company’s dedicated resources provided an exceptional level of support and expertise that guided us through the transaction process. They took the time to understand our differentiating, scalable business model and did an extraordinary job of communicating our value to the market. They led the transaction process with skill and insight, demonstrating significant transaction experience and commitment to us. By delivering the right message to the right parties, the Bailey team delivered results that exceeded our goals and expectations. It was a true pleasure working with Bailey.

Myra Ameigh

President and CEO, Vistar

As a platform uniquely positioned to address the entirety of the medication management process, we prioritized finding a partner who could effectively convey the complexities of our business while navigating the broader healthcare ecosystem. Bailey’s commitment to tailoring the process around the strengths of our platform, combined with their unparalleled market knowledge, made them an invaluable partner through every stage of the transaction. The Bailey team’s professionalism and excellent advice were instrumental in achieving a successful outcome for our company and stakeholders.

Jim Clair

CEO, CSS Health

Proceeding with a sale process is a unique experience for business owners – the Bailey team was with us every step of the way to ensure we achieved a successful result. Bailey brought extensive experience in our space and delivered knowledgeable guidance regarding all facets of the process. I’d highly recommend that business owners start a conversation with the Bailey team to learn more about the market and how to prepare for a sale.

Paul Jaquillard

Owner, Novare

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